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Clinical Infectious Diseases (CID), The Journal of Infectious Diseases (JID), and the Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society (JPIDS) regularly publish articles about vaccines. With a renewed interest in this important topic, the editors have curated a special collection of vaccine-related articles from these journals.

Clinical Infectious Diseases

Deaths Reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, United States, 1997–2013 
Pedro L. Moro, Jorge Arana, Maria Cano, et. al

Statin Use and Risks of Influenza-Related Outcomes Among Older Adults Receiving Standard-Dose or High-Dose Influenza Vaccines Through Medicare During 2010–2015
Hector S Izurieta, Yoganand Chillarige, Jeffrey A. Kelman, et. al

Immune Serum From Sabin Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine Immunization Neutralizes Multiple Individual Wild and Vaccine-Derived Polioviruses
Mingbo Sun, Changgui Li, Wenbo Xu, et. al

A Systematic Review of Safety and Immunogenicity of Influenza Vaccination Strategies in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients
Pearlie P. Chong, Lara Handler, David J. Weber

The Journal of Infectious Diseases

Comparative Effectiveness of High-Dose Versus Standard-Dose Influenza Vaccines Among US Medicare Beneficiaries in Preventing Postinfluenza Deaths During 2012–2013 and 2013–2014
David K. Shay, Yoganand Chillarige, Jeffrey Kelman, et. al

Effect of Repeated Vaccination With the Same Vaccine Component Against 2009 Pandemic Influenza A(H1N1) Virus
Iván Martínez-Baz, Itziar Casado, Ana Navascués, et. al

Serial vaccination and the antigenic distance hypothesis: effects on influenza vaccine effectiveness during A(H3N2) epidemics in Canada, 2010-11 to 2014-15
Danuta M. Skowronski, Catharine Chambers, Gaston De Serres, et. al

Six-Month Safety Data of Recombinant Vesicular Stomatitis Virus–Zaire Ebola Virus Envelope Glycoprotein Vaccine in a Phase 3 Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Randomized Study in Healthy Adults
Scott A. Halperin, Jose R. Arribas, Richard Rupp, et al.

Progress in Ebola Virus Vaccine Development
Matthias J. Schnell

A Replicating Single-Cycle Adenovirus Vaccine Against Ebola Virus
Stephanie S. Anguiano-Zarate, William E. Matchett, Pramod N. Nehete, et. al

Role of Fractional-Dose Intradermal Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine in Halting Polio Transmission: Finding the Missing Piece for Global Polio Eradication
Mohammad Tahir Yousafzai

Boosting of Mucosal Immunity After Fractional-Dose Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine
Deepa Gamage, Ondrej Mach, Paba Palihawadana, et. al

A Universal Influenza Vaccine: The Strategic Plan for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Emily J. Erbelding, Diane J. Post, Erik J. Stemmy, et. al

Epidemiological Data on the Effectiveness of Influenza Vaccine—Another Piece of the Puzzle
Allen C. Cheng, Kanta Subbarao

Increases in Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Among Adolescent and Young Adult Males in the United States, 2011–2016
Eshan U. Patel, M. Kate Grabowski, Anna L. Eisenberg, et. al

Immune Responses to a Recombinant Glycoprotein E Herpes Zoster Vaccine in Adults Aged 50 Years or Older
Anthony L. Cunningham, Thomas C. Heineman, Himal Lal, et. al

Relative Vaccine Effectiveness of High-Dose Versus Standard-Dose Influenza Vaccines Among Veterans Health Administration Patients
Yinong Young-Xu, Robertus Van Aalst, Salaheddin M. Mahmud, et al.

Sustained Cross-protection of the Bivalent Human Papillomavirus Vaccine
Kevin G. J. Pollock

Crafting Live-Attenuated Vaccines Against Respiratory Syncytial Virus
Fernando P. Polack

Maternal Vaccination With a Monocomponent Pertussis Toxoid Vaccine Is Sufficient to Protect Infants in a Baboon Model of Whooping Cough
Parul Kapil, James F. Papin, Roman F Wolf, et. al

Quantifying the Impact of Natural Immunity on Rotavirus Vaccine Efficacy Estimates: A Clinical Trial in Dhaka, Bangladesh (PROVIDE) and a Simulation Study
Elizabeth T. Rogawski, James A Platts-Mills, E. Ross Colgate, et. al

Duration of Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness: A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Meta-regression of Test-Negative Design Case-Control Studies 
Barnaby Young, Sapna Sadarangani,  Lili Jiang, et. al

Open Forum Infectious Diseases

Immunization Mandates, Vaccination Coverage, and Exemption Rates in the United States
Jana Shaw, Emily M. Mader, Brittany E. Bennett

Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society

The Influenza Vaccine Mess
Stanley A Plotkin

Mumps: A Pain in the Neck
Stanley A Plotkin

Rapid Decrease in Rates of Hospitalization Resulting From Invasive Pneumococcal Disease and Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Children Aged <60 Months After 13-Valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Introduction in Argentina
Eduardo L. López, Eduardo Glatstein, Gustavo C Ezcurra, et. al

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