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Our Customer Services teams are receiving a high volume of queries at the moment. Please refer to the FAQs below in the first instance and get in touch if your question is not answered here. 

Our priority during this difficult time is to continue to publish as quickly as is feasible, and to expedite publication of any research relating to coronavirus. As a business, OUP is responding to the ongoing pandemic in a variety of ways to support our readers, authors, and customers across the world.

During this time, please be aware that there may be some delays to reviews and decisions on manuscripts. We'll do our best to minimise these. Similarly, we understand that you as authors may be unable to meet deadlines for returning revised manuscripts. We will readily extend the deadlines to accommodate your needs.

For Authors

Q: How do I contact Author Support

Our author support team remains contactable via the customer services contact form or via the email address authors receive when their paper is accepted for publication. The team are responding to all authors on the same or next working day as usual. Telephone support is currently limited so please contact us by email or the form in the first instance: our automated response confirming receipt of your email will provide details of how to contact us by phone if required.

Q: Are typesetting services disrupted?

Our production suppliers have transitioned to remote working. The major challenges at this stage are to local connectivity and bandwidth pressure on supplier networks, along with potential impacts on staffing due to illness. We have experienced some reduction in productivity and turnaround times are therefore slightly slower than normal. Rest assured that we will continue to prioritise articles relating to COVID-19. Please bear with us during this period of disruption.

Q: I cannot find how to order the issue in which my article appears?

We have taken the decision to suspend all single orders at this time as we are unable to guarantee delivery. You will continue to receive your complimentary online access. At this time we are unable to say when ordering may recommence.

Q: I have paid colour or page charges for a title that has now moved online only – how do I get a refund?

Due to the disruption from COVID-19 some titles have decided to move online only earlier than originally intended. This means we may have charged you article fees that are no longer applicable. Please contact our customer services team to arrange a refund. 

For Societies

Q: What is your policy on freeing up content?

In light of the growing disruption resulting from coronavirus, OUP is making related articles from leading journals and online resources freely accessible. OUP is a signatory on the Wellcome Trust statement, pledging to share research findings and data rapidly and openly. Working in partnership with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the US National Library of Medicine, the Wellcome Trust has also coordinated an additional statement, signed by OUP, which pledges that all research will be made available in PubMed Central (PMC) and other public repositories. View OUP's COVID-19 (coronavirus) Information hub.

Q: Our journal is copy edited by a freelance – are you expecting any service disruption?

All freelancers are available and able to work from home, but we are monitoring the situation closely, as we can anticipate childcare responsibilities and ill health may affect some. The OUP team is ready to quickly reallocate freelance work as needed but flag that swapping personnel may have a short-term impact on copyediting for journals that have extensive or highly customized styling requirements that are more difficult to learn. 

Q: Our journals uses a Virtual Editorial Office – are you expecting any service disruption?

All freelancers are available and able to work from home, but we are monitoring the situation closely, as we can anticipate childcare responsibilities and ill health may affect some. The OUP team is ready to quickly reallocate freelance work as needed but flag that swapping personnel may have a short-term impact on speed. If there are processes / checks you can consider dropping in the short term, please do let OUP know by contacting your normal production email address.

Q: How do I know what copies of my journal are being distributed?

Please contact your Account Manager. This will vary by title and depend on your supplier and the geographic distribution of your subscribers, as well as the weighting of institutional subscribers.

For Subscribers

Q: I'm expecting a print copy of my journal but is hasn’t arrived?

Unfortunately COVID-19 has significantly restricted distribution of print materials. We have therefore taken the difficult decision to hold some copies until supply chains return to normal. All print only subscribers have been granted complimentary online access for an initial period of 3 months. If you haven’t had an email from us prompting you to activate this please complete this form

If you already hold an online subscription but cannot remember how to access please visit the following page:
Getting started: activating online access for your subscription

If, after normal distribution resumes you do not receive your print copy, we will be accepting claims for any 2020 issue – you will need to return to the Claims form page to submit requests later in the year.

Q: Why can’t I submit a claim now for a missing print issue?

We are aware that some printed copies have got stuck in warehouses and at various stages of their distribution journey. Many carriers are holding items for later distribution. To avoid printing excess copies, placing unnecessary work on a stretched supply chain and wasting resources, we have suspended all claims in the short term. If we accept claims now, we risk printing excess copies and fulfilling your claim more than once. All subscribers can access all material online in the interim – please make sure you are using your online account – please visit the access support page if you have trouble accessing.

Q: How do I activate my online access?

If you know your subscriber number please follow this link to activate your online subscription:
Getting started: activating online access for your subscription

If you do not know your subscriber number, please complete this form.

Q:  I am having problems activating my online account?

If you experience any problems with online access, or have any other technical queries, our experienced Journals Customer Services will be pleased to assist you.

Q: I have submitted a claim for a missing issue – will it still get fulfilled?

Due to the changing environment and disruption to distribution channels we have taken the difficult decision to stop fulfilling claims. Your claim has been registered and will be fulfilled as soon as distribution channels allow. Please keep an eye on our dispatches page where we will regularly update on how the situation is changing. Unfortunately at this time we cannot give an expected date for delivery.

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