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                        Dr Wilhelmina Huston

                        Dr Alfredo Garzino-Demo

                        Dr Jorn Coers

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                        Next generation host-pathogen research

                        • Impact Factor: 2.182
                        • Annual article downloads: 126,000
                        • Average Altmetric attention score: 3.4
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                        Featured Articles

                        Bacillus subtilis RZ001 improves intestinal integrity and alleviates colitis by inhibiting the Notch signalling pathway and activating ATOH-1
                        Yanru Li et al.
                        A new probiotic strain B. subtilis RZ001 can repair the damaged intestinal tract and alleviate colitis by inhibiting the Notch signalling pathway and the depletion of goblet cells.
                        Hacking the host: exploitation of macrophage polarization by intracellular bacterial pathogens
                        Joseph D Thiriot et al.
                        We summarize the roles of M1/M2 polarization in host defense and the mechanisms employed by several important intracellular pathogens to modulate macrophage polarization to favor persistence or proliferation.
                        Antiapoptotic activity of Chlamydia trachomatis Pgp3 protein involves activation of the ERK1/2 pathway mediated by upregulation of DJ-1 protein
                        Fangzhen Luo et al.
                        Pgp3 inhibits apoptosis via up-regulating DJ-1 expression and activating ERK1/2 pathway.
                        Integrating mathematical models with experimental data to investigate the within-host dynamics of bacterial infections
                        Myrto Vlazaki et al.
                        This review illustrates the added value of integrating mathematical models with experimental data to investigate the within-host dynamics of bacterial infections.
                        Meso-tartrate inhibits intracellular replication of Coxiella burnetii, the causative agent of the zoonotic disease Q fever
                        Mebratu A Bitew et al.
                        The growth of the disease-causing bacterium Coxiella burnetii inside human cells can be significantly decreased by using a compound non-toxic to human cells.
                        Key amino acid residues of neuraminidase involved in influenza A virus entry
                        Fangzhao Chen et al.
                        Influenza neuraminidase (NA) might be associated with viral entry via key amino acids residues.

                        Thematic Issues

                        Applications of Mathematical Models 

                        This issue has a particular focus on host-pathogen dynamics and population health applications, as well as the future of biomathematical modelling in terms of big data analytics.

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                        Bacterial Toxins

                        This issue is a culmination of the recent European Workshop on Bacterial Protein Toxins (ETOX18). Discover a collection of papers on bacterial toxins, commissioned by guest editors Michel-Robert Popoff, Daniel Ladant, and Carmen Buchrieser.

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                        Molecular Effectors of TB Pathogenesis

                        Read a collection of papers on molecular effectors of TB pathogenesis. This Thematic Issue features cutting-edge research on tuberculosis and highlights potential areas of focus for drug development.

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                        Browse MiniReviews

                        Do you use MiniReviews in your research, teaching, or elsewhere in your work? Click here to browse our most recently published MiniReviews from Pathogens and Disease.

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                        Translated Abstracts

                        Read a collection of abstracts translated into Spanish and Portuguese for the Associación Latinoamericana de Microbiología Congress by a group of FEMS Volunteers. 

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                        Article Awards

                        Congratulations to the winner of the Pathogens and Disease Article Award, Kevin Hoffman for his paper 'Sex differences in cytokine production following West Nile virus infection: Implications for symptom manifestation'. Submit a paper for publication in 2020 to be in with a chance of winning the Pathogens and Disease €1,000 Award.

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                        Calls for Papers

                        Advances in the Study of Obligate Intracellular Bacterial Pathogens

                        Obligate intracellular bacterial pathogens constitute an important group of understudied human pathogens. This Thematic Issue will highlight recent advances in the genetic dissection of these organisms, in our understanding of their unique infectious cycle and ability to hijack host cells as well as advances in our understanding of  associated immune responses.

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                        Submit your research

                        Authors are invited to submit to Pathogens and Disease on a range of topics including discovery-driven studies on pathogens, host-pathogen interactions, host response to infection and their molecular and cellular correlates. Explore the instructions to authors for more information.

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                        Thematic Issue on the Galleria mellonella experimental model

                        This issue will focus on the invertebrate model Galleria mellonella, an alternate model that offers the opportunity to not only reduce the use of mammals in research but equally to allow researchers greater flexibility to follow exciting leads and to open new opportunities for high throughput screening.

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